Faxing with Comcast Digital Voice

I had to send a fax today. This was the first time since I switched my phone service to Comcast Digital Voice. I was worried it would be a problem, and it turned out not to be an easy task. I just use the fax modem on my computer, I don’t have a dedicated fax machine. I very very rarely have to send faxes. I much prefer to email PDF attachments, and I don’t really understand why anyone bothers with faxes anymore anyway.

I wish I could say it was as simple as plugging my laptop into a phone jack and then I was good to go, but that was not the case. I tried, for probably an hour or more, to get the fax to go out unsuccessfully. I actually tried from several different computers in different areas of my house. They just didn’t seem to hear the incoming signal for some reason. I went online to see what other people had to say, and some had a problem, and some didn’t, and there was a recurring theme about your house wiring possibly being an issue.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, because I made faxes through my house wiring with my old phone service, but I figured, what the heck, I have nothing to lose, so I disconnected the phone line coming out of the Comcast modem feeding into my house wiring and then plugged my computer fax line straight into the modem. That would eliminate any possible issues with my house wiring.

I tried it again and the fax went out without a hitch.

Very interesting. As little faxing as I do, I guess I can probably do this whenever I need to send a fax, but I still don’t understand why, if the wiring works fine for voice conversations, and it worked fine for faxing with my old phone service, why it doesn’t seem to be good enough for faxing using Comcast Digital Voice. If I understood it and knew I could fix it by running new wiring, I probably would, but I don’t really understand what the issue is.

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  1. Nice post!

    So, I just unplugged the phone line coming out of my Comcast modem and plug my RJ45 to it and into my laptop modem port?

  2. Yeah. That is all I do when I need to send a fax. It works every time.

  3. except when i plug the fax machine directly into the cable modem, it doesn’t work. ever.

  4. Thank you so much – it worked! I just hooked the modem to the Comcast modem instead of the wall.
    You’ve mad my evening.

  5. None of the options for us worked. We recently switched over to Comcast Phone after a lot of resistance. I rely on the ability to use the phone incase of blackouts, emergencies, ect. Comcast hasnt been as reliable on internet signal so I figured we cant rely on it for our phone service. I didnt have that problem with traditional phone lines.

    Anyway, I do fax from home at times and this time was very important. I had to call Comcast and they couldnt figure it out. I tried attaching directly to the modem, attaching to different plugs, even went in the garage and plugged it directly to the outside line, ect. No success!! Will have to go back to traditional phone lines if this doesnt work. It may cost more but its better than having to go to Kinkos and paying $20 per fax!!

  6. I have found Comcast phone service and their Internet service to not be really related. Even when the Internet is down, the phone is still up. The modem they rent you also has a battery backup for blackouts, and it works for emergencies. I also don’t really get your statement that you went out into the garage and plugged directly into the outside line. If you have Comcast phone service, the phone jack in the back of the modem is where the phone signal originates from. If it doesn’t work from there, it isn’t going to work from anywhere.

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